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Interactive map shows which countries consume the most alcohol


With St. Patrick’s Day coming up and everyone acting a little bit Irish on the holiday — with13 million pints of Guinness expected to be drunk — Voucherclouddecided to find out which country is the booziest.

Using World Health Organizationand the online discount code provider‘s own data from 2010 to 2015, Vouchercloudfound that the world’s drunkest countries didn’t include Ireland, despite its St. Patrick’s Day stereotype, but were actuallyEastern Europe.

The top alcohol-consuming people are Moldovans, with17.4 liters of pure alcohol (alcohol or ethonol that is 100 percentproof and undiluted by mixers) drunk per year, per person. That’s the equivalent to 178 bottles of wine. Moldova was followed closely by Belarus and and Lithuania, each with 17.1 liters of pure alcohol.

Out of196 countries in the world, Ireland came in28th. And despite its frat house reputation, America came in 49th.

Check out the interactive map below to see rankings for more countries and how much alcohol each nation consumes.

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