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Interview: Metro chats with filmmaker Meir Kalmanson, man behind ‘High-Five New York’

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A New York filmmaker hands out smiles to its residents.

It’s a high five for those New Yorkers who are out to a hail a cab. Meir Kalmanson, director and star of the YouTube feel-good sensation “High Five New York” to the tune of 1.4 million hits, is showing that the Big Apple’s residents aren’t as uptight as their stereotype suggests.

The The “High-Five Guy.”
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In his short film, “The High Five Guy” filmmaker hops, skips and jumps his way around the city, pouncing on the unsuspecting hands of those hailing a cab. Metro chats to the Brooklyn-based Kalmanson about why he’s been getting in touch with his fellow New Yorkers.

Metro: What was the idea behind the “High Five Guy”?

Kalmanson:I came up with it because I love giving high fives. I’m the type of guy who makes secret handshakes with friends and people I meet. I’m all about human connection and I believe the high five is a simple yet friendly way of showing someone “Hey, let’s be friends”. When I was walking in Manhattan and looked at all the people who were hailing cabs, all I saw were men and women being left hanging from a perfect high five.

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Have you received any bad reactions?

I haven’t really, although many of my friends warned me New Yorkers can be rude and unfriendly. I personally don’t generalize and believe that even though New York has that reputation, people would enjoy a harmless high five and that’s exactly what happened. All the people I high-fived smiled or showed some sign of amusement. Very few people have no reaction or just looked at me with no emotion.

How would you describe the perfect high five?

What’s beautiful about the high five is that it’s not subjected to a set of rules and regulations. Make the high five your own. Not much thought goes into it but just make sure good vibes and energy are stirring within you, so when you go for the high five the other person will feel it and it’ll rub off.

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