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Is Boston full of hornballs or people looking for love?

Now that everyone seems to be slightly OK with the idea of people snapping photos of other people while riding the train and then posting them on a website for the world to see (OK some people still aren’t into it), more sites are emerging.

The latest? “Hotties on the T.”

The site says “This isn’t about crushes. This is about admiration. Admiration of fine looking men on the T. From a male perspective.”

Whereas “Boston T Crush” aims at connecting those missed moments between two attractive Bostonians riding transit, “Hotties” admits they are just ogling the crap out of dudes on the underground.

“We don’t know our subjects, nor do we presume to know if they are gay, bi, or straight. We take un-staged pictures,” the site says.

In the wake of all the T secret-photo-sites, there is a third one crawling around in the depths of the Internet.

“Boston After Dark,” (be warned, this is definitely Not Suitable For Work) is a space for Hub dwellers to post photos of themselves in the late hours of the night.

Very explicit photos, to be exact.

From breast shots to penis pics, “After Dark” describes itself as “a place exculsively for men and women in and around Boston who are feeling “that way” after dark.

The “18-plus only” website takes all sorts of submissions in an effort to connect people in the city after the sun goes down.

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