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Is Chipotle open on Thanksgiving this year?

Is Chipotle open on Thanksgiving?

Chipotle leaves its doors open on a number of national holidays: Memorial Day, Labor Dayeven Christmas Eve. As for when the popular burrito and quac franchise is closed, Fourth of July is one of those days. But, is Chipotle open on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is about family and feasts. If your holiday spread ends up involving Chipotle (or you want to slip out of the house for something to wash down a Turkey gone wrong) you’ll need to know this important info. 

A Bed-Stuy resident says she wouldn’t eat at Chipotle on Thanksgiving because she wants to keep it traditional.

“Even if I’m not going to a dinner party, my husband and I always order a cooked turkey and a couple of sides to make it feel like a holiday,” she explains. “It’s easy to forget about special occasions when you’re far from home, so we try to make the holiday special, and we happen to think turkey is delicious!”

“It doesn’t matter where I eat during Thanksgiving as long as I’m with people that care about me and I care about,” Bushwick’s Amanda Livingston says. “And if that means I’m eating at Chipotle, then so be it.” 

Your burning question, answered: Is Chipotle open on Thanksgiving?

Is Chipotle open on Thanksgiving? Sadly, no.

A national spokesperson tells Metro that all Chipotle restaurants are closed so employees can celebrate the holiday with their loved ones.

However, the Mexican Grill chain will be open the next day, Black Friday, normal hours (typically 10:45 a.m. to close, local time).

Is Chipotle open on Thanksgiving?

Way back in 2010, Chipotle tweeted, “Get your burrito tonight. Our US restaurants will be closed on Thanksgiving so our people can enjoy the holiday.” It makes sense: any hardworking employee deserves some time off for good eats. (Your crispy corn tacos can wait a day, Felicia.)

If you’re sad about the news, Chipotle is trying to soften the mood with a joke or two:

So, is Chipotle open on Thanksgiving? No, but you can grab a burrito bowl to fuel the savage shopper in you come Black Friday. 

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