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Is this the Fitbit for dogs?

What are you up to?

Wonder what your pooch is up to all day? There’s an app for that.

WonderWoof, a Bluetooth device shaped like a bowtie, attatches to a collar and tracks your pup’s every move on the WonderWoof app. Dog owners will know when their pet is running, sleeping, playing or dreaming.

Betsy Fore, 29, came up with the idea while in London. “It was all about my little fur baby,” says Fore of her dog. “He was a little overweight [and] when I looked at the market there was nothing really out there for him.”

When Fore put the first Wonderwoof BowTie on her own pet — it was just a little black box back then —she saw positive results. “Over the course of time wearing it, he did begin to lose weight. And when he reached his goal weight, this increased his life up to two years,” says Fore.

The product monitors a dog’s health based on 1,300 different breeds, as well as the pet’s age and size. It’s tracker and pedometer connects to the app, and charts the dog’s activity. The pet and owner are rewarded with virtual “bones” when a goal is reached.

“Monitoring caloric intake will be in the next update,” shares Fore. “How much they eat is just as important as how much exercise they get.”

The dream, according to Fore, is having the ability to alert pet owners to a pet’s illness. “That’s what we’re going to be working on,” reports Fore. “The bow tie will tell you if your dog is sleeping too much or drinking too much and it’ll send these alerts directly to the vet.”
But what about your beloved feline? WonderMeow was revealed this past month and plans to launch for retail soon. WonderMeow’s goal is different from WonderWoof. “It’s more about tracking your cats’ secret lives,” she explains. “There’s a little camera set up [and] you can set up your cat’s personality.”
The camera will take small snapshots of where a cat is slinking off to during the day. Fore adds, “It’s about them being the director of their own adventure.”

WonderWoof is available for online purchase from WonderWoof.com at $95.

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