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‘It read $50 million and I rubbed my eyes’

Kurt and Claude Blanchette-Elbert are living a real-life dream come true after claiming the $50-million Lotto Max jackpot on Tuesday.

The win, the largest in B.C.’s history, came as a shock to the couple, who are celebrating their 30th anniversary next month.

“I stuck my ticket into the (self-scanner),” said Claude, who bought the ticket, a quick pick, at a Kitsilano Mac’s last week. “It read ‘$50 million’ and I rubbed my eyes.”

Now that the couple has claimed their prize, their only immediate plans include trying “to absorb it (all) and getting (the money) to the bank as quickly as possible,” said Kurt.

They plan on buying a house, settling down and letting financial planners do the rest of the work, added Claude.

The two, who have recently bounced back after some “tough financial times,” are attributing their win with luck: “I must have good karma,” said Claude.

They Vancouver couple said they know a win this size will change their lives, but hope they’ll “remain the same people.”

The first major change was quitting their jobs, which suits the couple just fine because they “think it’s enough” to live off of.

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