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It took a while for John Boyega to warm to ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

John Boyega and Stormtroopers

While most critics adored Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the blockbuster provoked quite the backlash from some fans of the franchise.

They either took umbrage with the humor, or the revelations, abilities, plots, arcs and deaths of certain characters, while some fools had a problem with how progressive “The Last Jedi” was.

But it turns out that it even took John Boyega, who portrayed Finn in “The Last Jedi” and its predecessor “The Force Awakens,” to warm to the film. Boyega made this admission on Monday when I talked to him over the phone about “Pacific Rim: Uprising,” which he both produced and stars in.

When I asked Boyega if he understood the divisive reaction to “The Last Jedi” he immediately confessed, “Yeah, I did, if I am being honest.”

“On a film the actors read the script, we know the full thing, but at the same time there’s a whole bunch that you’re not in. Because of Finn and Rose and the rest of the other crew had significantly small parts in this one there’s a whole other film that you’re not there to witness.”

“So it did feel to be honest that I was watching a film that was quite different, and with the unique ideas that Rian implemented into the film I was like, ‘Oh! Oh?’”

As someone who consistently listens to fans, something he did throughout the development of “Pacific Rim: Uprising,” Boyega knew that certain sections of the “Star Wars” fan base wouldn’t agree with writer and director Rian Johnson’s choices.

“Knowing ‘Star Wars’ fans, having discussions with ‘Star Wars’ fans, I knew what the potential reaction could be, so it was something that I was thinking about while watching.”

But Boyega only had praise for Johnson’s approach, as he insisted that every director much be given the freedom to work their magic.

“I believe that a director needs to be given the room to stretch his legs and do something unique and inventive, and that’s what Rian has done.”

Johnson will return to the “Star Wars” franchise with his own trilogy in the near future, while Boyega will pop up as Finn again in “Star Wars Episode 9,” which this time around will be directed by J.J. Abrams, and will be with audiences on December 20, 2019.

Long before then, though, Boyega can be seen in “Pacific Rim: Uprising,” which will be in cinemas on March 23.