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It was another ‘Mad’ year for TV viewers

I just can’t stand how completely sexy the ’60s look on “Mad Men.” Part of me is glad I get to walk into my office in 2009, and part of me wants to walk like Joan. MONICA WEYMOUTH

Don Draper is as compelling a lead as ever. But why the hell did January Jones get a Golden Globe nomination? Did anyone see her on “SNL”? The girl can’t act! HEIDI PATALANO

Speaking of head-scratching Golden Globe nods, Anna Paquin got another one for “True Blood,” but she’s the weakest link on the show. Still, “TB” does the whole vampire thing right — it’s scary, sexy and campy. AMBER RAY

I like “TB” because I’m too old to go to the “Twilight” films without being called a pervert, and I’m too perverted to go to the “Twilight” films because there’s no sex in them. DOROTHY ROBINSON

How about our other No. 2, “The Office”? It could have totally jumped the shark once Pam and Jim got married. But the show has remained as funny and unpredictable as ever. HEIDI PATALANO

Every time I think “The Office” pushes too far, the printer breaks. Or my key card shuts down. And then I remember — we are all Dunder Mifflin employees at heart. MONICA WEYMOUTH

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