“It was the best moment of my life” - Metro US

“It was the best moment of my life”

Arjan Bhullar, 24, won gold for Canada in men’s freestyle wrestling at the Commonwealth Games.

How do you feel about your win?

It was spectacular. I’ve been dreaming about winning a medal like that for a long time. I wrestled one of the hometown favourites. He’s actually from Delhi.

What was it like to compete in your parents’ country of origin?

Very exciting. I had a lot of family and friends show up. My father used to compete (in India) and I used to go and watch him and people following him around like he was a rock star.

You’re a former SFU Clan wrestler; did you feel you were representing them?

Yeah. Once a Clansman, always a Clansman. I feel that whatever success I have now, it started with the SFU team. This country’s got so much opportunity that if you make the most of it, you can become successful, and I’m proof of that.

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