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It’s easier than ever to catch up on Daria before the reboot thanks to Hulu

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Eighties kids remember the melancholy glory of Daria, how perfectly it captured the awkward and frequently uncomfortable experience of high school and how to pronounce Morgendorffer. If you fall into this camp, you were also thrilled by the news that MTV plans to reboot the under-appreciated series. But even though the series was cancelled well before its time, it’s all coming up roses for fans of series because it’s never been easier to watch Daria online.

Sure, you have fond memories of Daria and Jane, but how well do you remember the show and just how annoying Quinn really was? Relive the experience and embrace the eighties by stocking up on Planters Cheez Balls (sorry, Dunkaroos won’t be an option) and getting cozy to watch Daria online all weekend — because Hulu just got the rights to the entire series.

You read that right. Thanks to the streaming service inking a licensing deal with Viacom, you’ll now have access to titles like The New Edition Story, My Super Sweet 16 and, of course, Daria. In case you haven’t heard what’s in the works, there’s no release date yet for the Daria reboot but it’s called Daria and Jodie and boasts writer Grace Edwards of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Inside Amy Schumer.

When can I watch Daria online through Hulu?

We know you’re itching to watch Daria online, but you don’t have to wait long. You’ll be able to binge-watch all five season of the cult classic cartoon as soon as you get to your couch today because it’s already in Hulu’s content library.

watch daria online hulu

If you don’t already have a monthly subscription to the streaming service but you want to watch Daria online, sign up for a free trial on Hulu and see how you like it. Maybe you’ll make it through the entire series before your time’s up!

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