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It’s not just about co-operation: Opposition

While regional co-operation emerged as a new refrain for the Dexter government, the opposition parties were not without narratives of their own.

Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil accused the government of overstating its role in the Nova Scotia Power-Nalcor deal announced last week, while neglecting what he considers a more pressing issue: Tax structure.

“We are losing job after job after job, because we as an economy are not competitive,” McNeil told reporters.

“Unless we stand up and look squarely in the eye of the problem that’s our tax system. We need to make strategic changes so that we are creating jobs.”

Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie took issue with the suggestion in Dexter’s speech that, if a company wants to create sustainable jobs, they can call the premier’s office for suggestions on government programs to help.

“Apparently now in Nova Scotia, if you have a good business idea, you’re supposed to call the premier’s office and government will look after you,” said Baillie, adding that he hoped the province’s job strategy would include competitive tax structures, not more ­programs.

“I don’t believe that’s what Nova Scotians want.”

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