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Ivana’s beauty indulgences

Ivana Santilli, singer/songwriter, her latest album, TO.NY, hits stores on June 10. Ivana plays The Revival Club in Toronto on June 20:

Q What products make you look and feel good?
A When I allow myself the indulgence: La Mer face creams, Kiehl’s for the body, Sebastian Shaper Zero hair spray and molding mud for my hair and Stila makeup.

Q Describe your style.
A Trends are not something to be followed, but merely seen as one of the many options. Fashion is what is out there. Style is what a woman chooses. At the moment, my preference is ‘79 rocker chic.

Q How do you keep life in perspective?
A I like to focus on family, friends, music, food and love. As I am very passionate, I’m learning to not react too quickly, focusing on the solutions as opposed to the mess.

Q How do you stay fit?
A Travelling keeps me quite fit. When I’m in Manhattan I walk everywhere. In Toronto, I take yoga classes that really kick my butt.

Q What are your healthy eating habits?
A I eat only fruit for breakfast. I eat food in as close a state as possible to natural and fresh. No fried foods, except for the guilty pleasure of my friends’ French fries. I eat when I’m hungry, but I don’t overeat.

– Marcy Cornblum is a freelance journalist. She’s developed
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