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Ivanka Trump, senior adviser to the president, says she leaves politics to other people

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In the five months of the Trump presidency, lies are sold as truth, Medicaid cuts aren’t Medicaid cuts, and the president’s senior political adviser says she leaves the politics to other people.

Ivanka Trump said yesterday in an interview on “Fox & Friends,” “I don’t profess to be a political savant. I leave the politics to other people and lean into the issues I care deeply about.”

Ivanka Trump became an unpaid federal employee last March as an adviser to her father. She has sat in a number of high-profile meetings with politicians such as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and she participated in a summit with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“I try to stay out of politics,” she reiterated. “His political instincts are phenomenal. He did something that no one could have imagined he’d be able to accomplish.”

Progressives hoped that Ivanka’s presence in the White House would influence her father to adopt more centrist views. That has largely not panned out, as Trump pulled out of the Paris climate change accord, approved a budget that makes deep cuts to the social safety net and Planned Parenthood, enacted his travel ban and approved an Obamacare repeal.

“Ivanka Trump seems to be losing the battle for her father’s ear,” the Washington Post reported in May.

In the interview, Ivanka spoke to her Oval Office influence. “He trusts me to be very candid with my opinions,” she said about her father. “I don’t have a hidden agenda. I make it very clear where I stand on an issue. I give him my open and candid feedback so sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree. All different viewpoints leads to positive things.”

In May, Ivanka’s brother Eric Trump said she did convince the president to bomb Syria.

Earlier this month, Ivanka said that she was “surprised at the level of viciousness” leveled at her family since her father assumed office, leading to widespread backlash on social media. This week, asked what grade she would give her father at this point in her presidency, she went with an A, saying he has a “really hard job.” But “I’m slightly biased,” she added.

An Italian company has sued Ivanka Trump for copying their shoe designs for her own fashion line. Last Friday, over Ivanka’s objections, a judge ruled she must submit to a deposition. Ivanka had said she was too busy with her political duties to do so. In a declaration filed with the court last week, Trump said she is an assistant to the president of the United States and maintains an office in the White House.

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