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Jaime Primak and Giant Larry Donnell live-tweeted LaGuardia drama

Donnell/Instagram; Primak/Facebook

Two celebs from two different worlds live tweeted the Flight 1086 drama Thursday — a New York Giant and a Bravo reality TV star.

“We just crash landed at LGA. I’m terrified. Please…” wrote Jaime Primak, who stars on the Bravo reality show “Jersey Belle.”

Later, she added: “We have all been evacuated. Everyone is safe. Thank you for your prayers. God is good.”

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On NBC4 in New York Friday morning, Primak broke down descrbing her ordeal in the moments after the Delta jet’s wheels touching down on Runway 13.

“Halfway through the runway, I felt the nose of the plane veer left — and oxygen masks started falling,” she said, her voice quivering.

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She said she heard the pilot say “We have no power! We have no power!”

“I could see the water … and there is this moment when my mind went ‘What happens if I go into the water? Do planes sink? Do they float? … Will I ever see my kids?'”

But then the plane came to a rest on a flood water berm instead, the nose hanging over New York City’s Flushing Bay.

The pilot’s cockpit door opened, she said, their eyes met, and she started crying.

“He walked right up to me, put his arm around me, and said ‘I’m going to get you off this plane.'”

And he did.

New York Giant Larry Donnell, who was coming up to sign a one-year, $585,000 contract with the team, also used social media to communicate right after the plane stopped.

In tweets, and Instagram pics and videos, the tight end caught the drama of the day, sometimes with expletives.

“Look at this s–t,” he wrote with a video outside the plane that showed the nose of the Delta jetliner crashed through a fence. “I knew I shoulda stayed my ass at home.”

He later Thursday, in statement released by the team, admitted he and his fellow passengers were scared – and blessed that it wasn’t much worse.

“I feel fine physically and hopefully all the other passengers did not have any significant injuries,” he said. “We were all shocked and alarmed when the plane started to skid, but most importantly, as far as I know, all of the passengers and flight crew were able to exit the plane safely.”

— John A. Oswald (@nyc_oz)

Look at this shit! Knew I shoulda stayed my ass at home

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