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James gracious in defeat

NDP Leader Carole James began her concession speech last night by thanking the thousands of British Columbians who volunteered during the campaigns, calling them the unsung heroes of democracy.

“I grew up believing politics and community service is a noble cause,” James said in Victoria. “Win or lose, NDP or Liberal, Green or Independent, those of you who … volunteer perform an amazing public service.”

James was defeated last night by Liberal Leader Gordon Campbell, who has been elected premier for his third straight term.

“Obviously I’m disappointed. I hoped we’d win,” she said.

“But I’m proud of the work we did in this campaign and we’re going to continue to represent the people of British Columbia.”

James also thanked all the voters who “weighed in on the issues.”

“There’s no better measure of a citizen than standing up for what you believe in,” she said. “Keep speaking out between elections because democracy isn’t something that happens every four years.”

As for whether she’ll continue on as NDP leader, James said it remains to be seen.

In the meantime, she said all parties need to reconcile their differences and come together for the betterment of all British Columbians.

“Neither the Liberals nor NDP has a monopoly on the hearts of B.C.,” she said. “We cannot go forward if we are divided.”