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Jared Leto doesn’t have a clue what’s happening with The Joker either

Jared Leto talks Blade Runner 2049

Over the last few months it has been impossible to keep up with all of the rumors that have been swirling about the future of the Joker in the DC Extended Universe.

While it was originally believed that Jared Leto’s incarnation would re-appear in at least one or both of “Suicide Squad 2” or “Gotham City Sirens,” the rampant speculation that Martin Scorsese and Todd Phillips are working on a standalone Joker movie for the villain that would potentially star Leonardo DiCaprio has left fans a little confused about Leto’s status within the DCEU.

During my recent discussion with the actor for “Blade Runner 2049” I asked the Academy Award winning actor to set the record straight. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any news whatsoever, because when I asked him, “What’s the latest update with The Joker,” he simply responded with, “I have no idea. You tell me.”

Earlier this month it was confirmed that Gavin O’Connor (“Warrior,” “The Accountant”) has been hired to both write and direct “Suicide Squad 2,” replacing David Ayer. But O’Connor still hasn’t reached out to Leto yet, because when I then asked the actor if he’d spoken to the filmmaker about the return of the Joker in “Suicide Squad 2,” he responded, “No, I haven’t.”

Leto only had kind words to say about O’Connor and his work, though. “But I think he is fantastic. He is an awesome director, and I think the film is better off for having someone of his caliber directing it. He’s a terrific, terrific director.”

The above comments don’t do anything to dismiss the concerns that Leto’s tenure as the Joker will ultimately just consist of his ever so brief appearance in 2016’s critically maligned “Suicide Squad.” With “Gotham City Sirens” and “Suicide Squad 2” both in active development over at Warner Bros, we can expect a definitive answer sooner rather than later. But at the moment it is 50/50 whether he will actually return.

In the meantime you can check out Jared Leto in “Blade Runner 2049,” which hits cinemas on October 6.