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Jared Leto turns 45 and we can’t even tell

Jared Leto first captured our teenage hearts as Jordan Catalano in “My So Called Life.” Since then he’s gone on to become an Oscar winning actor, where we saw him with blond hair in 1999’s “Fight Club,” gaining weight to play Mark David Chapman in the movie, “Chapter 27,” and more recently as a drug-addicted transgender woman with AIDS in 2013’s “Dallas Buyers Club,” and as the Joker in this year’s “Suicide Squad.”

No matter the role or his age, Jared Leto, has kept impressing critics and fans with his talent and looks. Though he was just 24 when he starred on “My So Called Life, the actor, who turned 45 this week, doesn’t seem to age.

To prove this point, E! came out with a photo quiz of Leto’s looks throughout the years. Also, check out the gallery above to also see how Leto has or has not age through his career.

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