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Jays’ ballpark veggie friendly

Six MLB stadiums are friendlier to vegetarians than Toronto’s, according to a study by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

That, of course, means 23 MLB parks are less vegetarian-friendly than the Rogers Centre.

PETA ranks the Rogers Centre only behind the stadiums in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, St. Louis and Colorado.

“There’s no doubt who rules the AL East in the minds of vegetarian fans,” PETA reports. “With the exception of the Devil Rays, none of the Blue Jays’ divisional rivals come close. Ontario’s growing vegetarian population heads to the Rogers Centre for all the traditional ballpark cuisine, minus the cruelty. The lineup includes veggie dogs, vegetarian burritos, vegetarian subs, hot veggie paninis, Chinese noodle vegetable stir-fry, fruit trays, and salads.”

So there. It may be ridiculously expensive at the dome, but don’t question the commitments to health and animals.

•The Maple Leafs are standing behind their new forward, Mark Bell, who’ll serve six months in jail after the 2007-08 season because of drunk-driving and hit-and-run convictions.

No such luck, however, for Marlins pitcher Scott Olsen. Florida president David Samson, whose no-nonsense approach was renowned as the Montreal Expos‚ shot-caller, has vowed to cut Olsen if he is convicted on charges of drunk-driving and resisting arrest.

•No, the Senators are not after Peter Forsberg. The Edmonton Oilers, though, have increased their offer to him. The Oilers are desperate for an established scorer.

• A Vancouver-based energy healer is volunteering to treat Dave Dickenson for no charge, guaranteeing a quick recovery for the veteran QB.

Sources say Dickenson may miss the rest of this season because of his most recent concussion. They say he may even retire for fear that another concussion could hamper his life.

Ping Chiang, however, wants him to reconsider.

“Dave is young and strong,” Chiang told me in an e-mail. “I can put him back in the lineup very quickly. All he has to do is have trust in me — and I won’t charge him a red cent. I love to see him play, and I want to continue seeing him play.”

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•And this from New York Giants safety Will Demps, on groupies:

“I’ve wined and dined them at the fanciest restaurants knowing I could’ve shared my bed with three at a time. They hang in packs like vultures, posed with breasts spilling out of their shirts … In the end, I know these women can never fulfill a need beyond my libido.”


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