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Jenna-Louise Coleman on the ‘really traumatic’ twist of ‘Doctor Who’

Jenna-Louise Coleman. Jenna-Louise Coleman is the Doctor’s latest companion.
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Jenna-Louise Coleman has a lot of pressure on those slim British shoulders. She’s only been a cast member on “Doctor Who” for one season (as the companion, in the parlance of the show), but she’s co-starring in Sunday’s 50th anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor.” Shortly after that, she’ll lose her co-star, Matt Smith, who will exit the role of the Eleventh Doctor in this year’s Christmas special.

Matt Smith may be the Eleventh Doctor, but he was Coleman’s first, and she says she wasn’t ready to let him go. “I knew it was going to be sad, but it was really traumatic,” she said on the program “Daybreak.”“It was really emotional and overwhelming.”

Of course, as fans know, the Doctor doesn’t die — he’s just recast. In this case, it will be as Scottish actor Peter Capaldi, who will assume the mantle of the Twelfth Doctor. “It’s a strange thing [but] it’s the nature of the show,” the actress said. “Matt leaves, Peter arrives in his costume, and the scene carries on. You just keep going – that’s the show.”

She thinks that’s traumatic? As far as actresses in epic sci-fi/fantasy sagas, she’s got the easiest gig. If Jenna-Louise Coleman were on “Game of Thrones,” she’d be surrounded by breasts and beheadings.

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