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Jennifer Lawrence and the curse of the terrible New Year’s Eves

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Jennifer Lawrence seems like a fun-time party girl, sure, but even she has her limits. And those limits apparently include having a good time on New Year’s Eve. To be fair, it’s a lot of pressure. And that pressure is consistently too much for the “Joy” star and Amy Schumer bestie, to hear it from the woman herself.

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“I really hate it,” Lawrence tells Graham Norton in a special interview airing Thursday night. “I’ve never had a good one. Everyone’s chasing a good time and it’s always a disappointment. I plan on doing nothing and then if something lands in my lap … . But I always end up drunk and disappointed.” That’s absolutely terrible. Here’s to hoping that something does indeed land in her lap. That would be a very lucky something, if you ask me.

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And Lawrence’s lack of quality revelry on the big holiday might have a lot to do with her rather unpleasent defense mechanism. Here’s a hint: It’s neither fight nor flight.”I am a puker,” she explains.”When I get stressed and exhausted I just vomit. I was driving with my publicist the other day and had to roll down the window and I puked all down the side of the car. It was in front of all the paparazzi.I painted New York! And I threw up at Madonna’s party — on the porch!” In related news, it could be Lawrence isrunning out of talk show anecdotes.

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