Jennifer Lawrence explains why she falls down all the time

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It’s no secret now that Jennifer Lawrence has trouble staying on her feet. That trip up the Oscars steps wasn’t a fluke, after all. And honestly she’s getting a little tired of talking about, but she’s willing to broach the topic one more time with Jimmy Fallon to clear something up.

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“I fell in every single city on the press tour,” she says.”People think it’s a shtick, and I get really mad about it.” In fact, she reveals that it’s less to do with a calculated effort to appear relatable and goofy than it is some terrible, terrible foot-eye coordination.

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Lawrence also reveals her actual most embarrassing moments, which aredoozies. The best? Thinking a woman at a party was Elizabeth Taylor, who was actually already dead at the time. Yikes. But man, she gives good talk show.

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