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Jets fans’ frustration boils over as they unleash banners on Monday Night Football

Kristian Dyer

Well, that escalated quickly.

The people behind FireJohnIdzik.com just upped the ante on Monday night, unveiling banners between the first and second quarter of the Jets nationally televised game against the Dolphins, protesting general manager John Idzik. The group, which spawned in late October, has purchased three digital billboards and a static billboard nearby MetLife Stadium. But Monday night brought things to another level.

As the break between the first and second quarter ended, small pockets of fans behind the Jets bench unfurled banners that they snuck into the stadium.

Ironically enough,At the time of the protest, the Jets were beating their divisional rivals 7-0 and would soon add a field goal to lead by double digits.

“Tonight, our movement sent another clear message to Woody Johnson in an effort to show the entire country that Jets fans are no longer going to accept our front office mess,” FireJohnIdzik.com founder Jason Koeppel told Metro.”Across the entire stadium, Jets fans of all ages volunteered to hold up 10 foot banners demanding that John Idzik’s run as the Jets General Manager ends on the final day of this season.

“While this message calls out our general manager by name, do not get it confused. We seek an entire house cleaning in Florham Park specifically including team president Neil Glat and senior personnel executive Terry Bradway.

“If [owner] Woody Johnson thinks that fans will tolerate another season of this front office, he is kidding himself. Every day that this drags on, our movement gains momentum. We have received countless emails from people already defaulting on their [personal seat licenses] and calling for us to organize a boycott of Jets merchandise, tickets, concessions & sponsors.

“We are no longer talking about billboards and this is not a threat, it is a promise. We are giving the Jets until ‘Black Monday’ to hear our message and act accordingly before we go that route.”

A similar yet unaffiliated group several weeks ago funded a banner that flew over a Wednesday practice at the team’s facility with a message that read ‘Fire John Idzik.’ Then three weeks ago, the very same group also flew two banners before the Jets win over the Steelers, one with the old ‘Fire John Idzik’ refrain and another that read ‘Jets: Rebuilding Since 1969.’

Many Jets fans are angered over Idzik’s track record over the last two years that includes two lackluster draft classes as well as some underwhelming free agent signings.

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