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Jets Jamal Adams warns NFL analyst on Twitter

Jamal Adams, tells, LeVeon Bell, Jets
Jamal Adams. (Photo: Getty Images)

Jamal Adams definitely didn’t mess around during his rookie season in 2017 with the New York Jets. This offseason is no joke either for Adams, who is absolutely crushing it on social media including a thinly veiled shot at a reporter who questioned the Jets offseason to date.

Adams is quite the character.

Whether providing the usual rah-rah type of stuff that can excite a team’s fanbase or going all out in recruiting players to the Jets, Adams is lit on Twitter. A couple weeks ago, he went all-in on Tyrann Mathieu, fully engaging the free agent cornerback in trying to get the ‘Honey Badger’ to come to the Jets and join the team’s secondary. Then there was this past weekend when Adams took a subtle shot…ahem…OK, maybe a not so subtle shot at a journalist who was providing an assessment of the Jets rebuilding project to date.

Mike Clay of ESPN is one of the network’s most respected voices and appears on a myriad of the station’s platforms. But despite his stature and respect level, Adams still couldn’t help but differ when he responded to a tweet by Clay this weekend. Here is the tweet from Clay:

Adams, one of the most entertaining social media follows not just on the Jets but in the NFL, took a dig at the reporter’s grading of what has been a very active offseason for the Jets.

He posted this on Sunday:

The Jets didn’t have a big splashy offseason but they did address several needs with quality. They didn’t spend big which is good news as they can try to keep defensive lineman Leonard Williams long-term while still carrying money into the next offseason to take the rebuild process to the next level.

Estimates have the Jets around $40 million under the cap, having spent half their budget this year in free agency. They should be a more talented team than last year’s 5-11 team that exceeded many expectations. The Jets didn’t lose any major pieces this offseason that they either didn’t replace or in most cases upgraded. So they likely aren’t the worst roster in the league, with all due respect to Clay.

The Jets first round pick last year, Adams had 83 tackles and two sacks in his rookie season. It is likely a matter of time till he is an All-Pro selection in this league.

He already is on Twitter for what it’s worth. 

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