Jets land Ohio State linebacker Darron Lee in first round of NFL Draft - Metro US

Jets land Ohio State linebacker Darron Lee in first round of NFL Draft

Darron Lee with NFL commish Roger Goodell Thursday.
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The Jets still don’t have a No. 1 quarterback but they decided to add to their already strong defense on the first night of the 2016 NFL Draft when they snagged Ohio State outside linebacker Darron Lee at No. 20 overall.

Lee was known as a big-time playmaker with the Buckeyes.

NFL.com described Lee’s strengths: “Quick to diagnose and flow to the ball. Has unusual ability to find the most efficient routes to the ball. Has athleticism and flexibility to contort his body and succeed through difficult tackle angles. Plays with loose hips, quick feet and desired agility of an NFL weak-side linebacker. Former high school quarterback with the change of direction and speed to be a rangy playmaker. Comfortable in space and excels there. Has plus man cover talent. Willing to stand in and take on blockers with a leveraged strike if his gap is being threatened. Capable gap blitzer with ability to get skinny through the holes.”

And his weaknesses: “Smallish linebacker. Play strength doesn’t come close to matching puffed up listed weight. Balance issues at point of attack could plague him over his NFL career. Has the body type of a big safety. Tape shows few authoritative tackles. Involved in too many arm and shoestring tackles. Comes flying in and fails to come to balance at times. Charged with 21 missed and five broken tackles over the last two seasons. Always at size disadvantage and will have to learn to slip more blocks. Can get better at finding targets in zone coverage.”

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