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Jill Stein holds news conference outside Trump Tower

Jill Stein slams the Trump administration for standing in the way of the recount p
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Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, of Massachusetts, slammed the Trump administration Monday at a news conference outside Trump Towerfor what she called “intimidation” and “bureaucraticobstruction” of her election recount efforts.

Stein is leading recount efforts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. A federal judge handed the campaign a victory Monday when he ordered a Michigan recount must begin by noon on Dec. 5. He dismissed the state’s claims that budgetary concerns were enough to halt the process. President-elect Donald Trump won by a margin of about 10,700 votes in Michigan.

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Lawsuits have been filed in all three Rust Belt states that bucked their history of supporting Democratic candidatesand handed their electoral votes to Republican candidate Trump in the Nov. 8 election.

Trump and his supporters have filed lawsuits to block recount efforts in all three states, the New York Times reported.

“If you believe in the credibility of your victory, put down your arms, end your bureaucratic obstruction, end your intimidation and join we the people of America who are calling for a democracy that serves all of us, and an election we can trust,” Stein said.

Trump’s lawyers countered Stein’s claims in a compaint filed in Pennsylvania.

“Despite being no more than a blip on the electoral radar, Stein has now commandeered Pennsylvania’s electoral process, with an eye toward doing the same to the Electoral College,” the complaint stated, according to The Hill.

Hear Stein’s full remarks in the 40-minute video captured outside Trump Tower this morning.

Recount efforts are underway in Wisconsin and Michigan, and Stein said her campaign is taking its fight for a recount in Pennsylvania to federal court.

“We are now moving to federal court to ask the court to please stand up for our constitutional right to verify the vote,” Stein said Monday.

The change the results of the Nov. 8 election, the recounts would have to flip the decisions in all three states. Trump won 306 electoral votes— 270 are needed to win the presidency. The three states in question account for a combined 46 electoral votes.

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