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Jimmie Moore wants to bring soldiers in to rescue Philly

Former Municipal Court Judge Jimmie Moore, who is challenging U.S. Rep. Bob Brady for the 1st Congressional District seat, has one important item on his agenda: Bring in the National Guard.

“We’ve had more than a murder a day and local law enforcement is stretched, so we need someone to come in and assist,” he said. Mayor Michael Nutter’s recently announced crime plan is a good start, but lacks immediacy, according to Moore. “Given the rate that we’re losing our citizens, we need some drastic action.”

The Old City beating death of a Temple grad and assault of a Penn student in a cab spurred Moore to come up with the idea. Philadelphia would be the first city to have the National Guard respond without a natural disaster, Moore said. He’s not sure how feasible the idea is, but said it must be discussed. “We need to consider it because we can’t, as peaceful and law abiding citizens, continue to suffer under this terror.”

“Every day there’s something more and more in terms of violence,” he said. “We have to recognize, in terms of people just stopping, it’s not going to happen.”

Who is Jimmie Moore?

Jimmie Moore received a law degree from Rutgers University School of Law, where he chaired the Rutgers University School of Law-Camden Black Law Week.

He served as a member of the License & Inspection Appeal Review Board for 12 years.

Moore was as Judge of the Philadelphia Municipal Court for 12 years.

As a judge, he founded a program to provide underemployed people and ex-offenders a chance to become legal secretaries and paralegals.

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