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Job hunters should develop a personal brand

A jobseeker’s mentality is key to finding a job. By thinking like a business, it’s possible that more businesses may come a knocking.

A fair question is what, then, does thinking like a business require? To organizational expert and entrepreneur Jane Woolsey, it will require an organized approach and developing a brand.

“It’s all about standing out,” she explains. “Employers will want to investigate someone that’s taken the effort to go the extra mile. If there are 100 resumes in front of an HR manager, you’re going to stand out from the crowd. You’ve only got one chance.”

Woolsey suggests those on the job hunt adopt the mantra that looking for a job is full time work. The hunter should schedule their day in blocks, inserting time for follow-ups, resume tweaking, phone calls and looking at various resources. Scheduling time in an organizer is recommended so the hunter can have a visual reference point to guide them. Also, she says the hunter must know what kind of work they are looking for.

“If you don’t have a plan, you’ll be all over the place,” she warns.

In this market, however, she indicates that organization may not necessarily be enough. It’s also important for hunters to create a personal brand.

Creating a personal brand involves consistency and personality. She says you’ll want to create business cards with colours and fonts that look professional, while complimenting your personality. The colours and fonts should be consistent with the letterhead used for cover letters, resumes, envelopes and follow-up notes.

This may sound expensive, but it isn’t. Stationary company Avery has put out a new DIY line that allows job seekers and small business owners to design high-quality branding tools for minimal prices. Some of the software is even free. Take a look by visiting the web site at avery.ca/diy.

As a business owner and organizational expert, Woolsey offers the following tips to help job seekers successfully land the job they’re looking for:

• Change your voicemail so it sounds professional
• Crank up the privacy on your Facebook account
• Research the companies you’d like to work for
• Create folders on your computer for each company you apply to. Save the posting, resume and cover letter you send, as well as scheduling your post-interview follow-up.
• Bring a notebook and prepare questions for your interview.

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