Joe Biden sort-of teases a 2020 presidential run – Metro US

Joe Biden sort-of teases a 2020 presidential run

Joe Biden

It seems outgoing Vice President Joe Biden has some plans for when he leaves office next month — or does he?

“I’m going to run in 2020. For president,” Biden told reporters Monday.

When asked if he meant it, Biden, 74, said he’s “not committing not to run. I’m not committing to anything. I learned a long time ago, fate has a strange way of intervening.”

Biden ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988, dropping out after being accused of plagiarizing a speech by then-British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock. It was later revealed that the campaign of the party’s eventual nominee, Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis, sent a video comparing the speeches by Biden and Kinnock to the press.

Biden ran again 20 years later and was later named as Barack Obama’s running mate. He opted not to run last year — after seeming to test the waters for a brief period — and backed Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

If Biden does decide to run for president —and should he win — in 2020, he would be 78 when he takes office. Ronald Reagan, who was 78 at the end of his second term, in 1989, was the oldest sitting president.