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Joe Jonas discusses DNCE’s secret sauce

Joe Jonas discusses DNCE’s secret sauce
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DNCE is a musical injection to lift the spirits.

No matter your age, everyone begins to move their feet when they hear the beats of this new group led by Joe Jonas. Their single “Cake By The Ocean” has more than 180 million views on YouTube and continues to dominate Spotify and iTunes charts as an arguable song of the summer. Amid a pop landscape largely dominated by reunions this group that prints a fresh sound arose. We chatted with Joe Jonas and Cole Whittle, who along with Jack Lawless and JinJoo Lee make up the group that on stage have great chemistry.

Stunned with success?
It has been incredible! I think we’ve been musicians all our lives and you know, the feeling of being together, the public reacts quickly and “Cake By The Ocean” has reached, literally, the entire world so quickly. We feel fortunate and happy, and that only makes us want to work harder because we want to be a band forever, we want to stay around for a long time.

What is the greatest gift that this band has given you?
Jonas: I think it has brought us much happiness in our lives, it’s something all of us have always wanted to do; create music with great friends and enjoy doing it, with no pressure and no worries, we’re just having a good time.

How serious are you when making music?
I think we are very serious when music is concerned. We are happy people and we have a good time but in the end we have dedicated our lives to become musicians and make music to reach large audiences and to be able to play in large venues and stadiums, we have worked all our lives for it. Therefore, no one takes our music as seriously as we do.

Some people would say that DNCE is a band that will not last very long, what do you think of that?
Jonas: Tell them to talk to us in 10 years (laughs).

Pop has been questioned in recent times, what do you think about that?
Jonas:I think it is going through a serious moment. I think there are many artists that are doing a type of pop that leads nowhere … I don’t know, so I hope we’re bringing something different and fun, but something people will take seriously.
Cole Whittle:We’re making music we like, it’s pop, but with a different proposal. The four of us were walking down four different streets and we found one headfirst. That was the beginning of the band.

What’s the difference between DNCE and The Jonas Brothers?
I think probably the biggest difference is that we have grown a lot through music and you know, those moments when time has made us evolve, really. Many people categorizes us as a continuation, there are a lot of enemies who believed that we couldn’t do things separately. The Jonas Brothers were left behind, but we continue to create individual projects.
Whittle:Musically, DNCE sounds like funk disco beats. Aesthetically, we are all very different characters and that is what is projected on stage. Everyone identifies with one of us, somehow … we are like the X-Men or something (laughs).

What’s next for the rest of the year?
Jonas:We will continue to tour playing as many concerts around the world as we can for the rest of the year. In autumn we will launch our first album, which makes us very happy, it will be like, you know, a set of new DNCE songs we can not wait to play for audiences everywhere. We will release more singles whether they do better or worse than “Cake By The Ocean,” we are proud of the music we’ve created. The fan base is growing and we have a lot of songs to release.

If you could change something in the world, what would it be?
Jonas:Change anything in the world? You know, I would say that right now we need more love in the world. Therefore, I would say that the world should spread more love and less hate.

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