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Joe Jonas is a cab driver now, apparently


In today’s edition of “one-time, sort of celebrities: where are they now?,” Joe Jonas is now driving a taxi in Los Angeles. For real. It seems Joe couldn’t rest on the laurels of any Jonas Brothers residuals (probably because there aren’t any) after the boy band broke up a few months back, and had to get a real job — a real job driving an Uber cab in LA, an image just slightly sadder than that time NSYNC “reunited” at the VMAs. The thought of Chris Kirkpatrick pep-talking himself in the mirror of the supply closet Justin Timberlake let his old bandmates use as a dressing room pre-show is still Tearing Up My Heart.

Twitter user @lindseyfarwell and some friends ordered a cab through the popular Uber taxi app this past Thursday and got the thrill (OK, the… mild surprise?) of a lifetime when the driver of their cab turned out to be the onetime boy band star. According to her tweet, “Today @millsbopp and I got in an @Uber and @joejonas was our driver and we went to Pinkberry and then took a selfie.”

Wait, they ordered a taxi to take them to get frozen yogurt? LA people, amirite?

But seriously, from the looks of the selfie she posted, it seems like Jonas is a good sport and sort of weirdly happy to be driving a cab instead of driving tween girls wild, so I guess all’s well that end’s well? Live and let livery, as they say. (Nobody says that, but see what I did there?)

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