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Joyful madness at Coke Olympic pavilion

Coca-Cola’s Olympic pavilion is a madhouse of bubbly, cheering people, hardhat-wearing contortionists and the occasional conga line.

The 8,600-square-foot red pavilion is one of a number of sponsor tents on the city’s LiveCity Yaletown at David Lam Park.

The tour begins with a short recap of Coca-Cola’s participation in the Olympic torch relay.

But then the madness breaks out — the door slides open and employees literally cheer as you enter.

Circus contortionists carrying clipboards and wearing white lab coats and red hard hats (they’re happiness inspectors) fold themselves like origami.

A massive Coke-bottle monolith dominates the room. The curved roof is covered with moving images and bartenders hand out ice-cold Coke products across a bar that looks like it was carved from ice.

Visitors can have their photo taken with the torch or play a number of games.

Every once in a while, a conga line breaks out.

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