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Julia Louis-Dreyfus slips the shackles of Seinfeld curse

With the fifth season of The New Adventures of Old Christine wrapping up next week, it’s safe to say Emmy-winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus has successfully dodged the Seinfeld curse.

The acclaimed comic actress, who receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next week, sat down with Metro to talk about the series that’s been keeping her happily busy for five years.

After five seasons, what do you think Christine has learned over the years?
Oh, she’s learned nothing. That’s why things are getting worse.

Where do you plan to take the character at this point in the show’s history?
To more humiliating places for sure. That is really our goal.

Does it always have to be humiliating? Or will she be able to find happiness at some level?
I think she finds a way to be happy, and sometimes isn’t even aware of the fact that she’s being humiliated, which is also fun to play, that kind of buffoonery. But sure, there are moments of happiness, and then there are moments of despair. But ultimately, you know, obviously our goal is to be funny. So it seems it’s better to laugh at her.

Was it tough switching between playing Christine and playing a version of yourself on Curb Your Enthusiasm?
Not really. On Curb Your Enthusiasm, it’s strange because you’re playing yourself but not really playing yourself, because I would never do anything like that. … On our show, it’s just a different style of performing. I try to bring a kind of reality to it even if it’s not something I would do.

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