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Jump(er) into spring with the season’s comeback fashion item

The last time you wore one your hair was probably in pigtails, you had at least four missing teeth, and your family computer was the size of a small refrigerator.

Yes, we’re talking jumpers. They’re here, they’re everywhere, and they’re a more versatile alternative to the sundress. For tips on how to wear this one-piece staple and make sure you look sexy — not six — we turned to a pair of fashion experts.

CityLine style expert Lynn Spence happens to believe the jumper revival is a good thing.

“Think of the things you can do with it,” she says. “It’s sort of a modified dress, but it doesn’t feel like a dress so you don’t feel so formal.”

Spence suggests sticking to jumpers in darker, more neutral colours, like charcoal or black, and avoiding anything too feminine or ladylike. “First of all, wearing them with a delicate heel is a mistake,” she says. “I would see them with a knee-length boot, or a chunky heel instead. (Also) you can’t do a perfect little bag; instead try a messenger bag that goes from shoulder to hip, or something fun like a faux python skin bag.”

Because jumpers are such a strong piece, accessories can often make — or break — your entire look. That’s why Spence recommends going bigger and better when it comes to your jewelry.

“You can do great strong silver and gold chain link accessories, big crosses, that kind of thing,” she says. “And you can make it a bit pretty by pairing a chiffon blouse with a fabulous leather jacket.”

As for choosing the right jumper for your body type, one size most certainly does not fit all. Spence advises sticking to an a-line cut if you’re heavier on the bottom, and staying away from jumpers that skim the body unless you’re narrow hipped.

Janine Furtado, marketing and press co-ordinator at French Connection, says her favourite thing about jumpers is the ability to go from day to night with a few simple change ups. “It’s an essential piece because you can do so much with it, especially when you have a classic black jumper,” she says. “Take it from the beach with a great pink straw hat and simple flats, then swap it with a necklace and some heels and you can easily go from day to night.”

Whatever your personal style preference, you should be able to slip into a slinky jumper and still look like you graduated from junior high. That’s why Spence is happy to see so many young celebrities like actress Elisha Cuthbert and singer Rihanna decked out in an array of one-piece wonders.

“I think the moment you see them photographed on a woman, or you see them on TV and you see how amazing they look, streamlining them will make any woman feel more comfortable with them.”

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