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By now you’ve probably seen the trailers and ads teasing how the character Chris Pratt plays in “Jurassic World” has been training deadly velociraptors to follow his commands. Well it turns out that in real life, Pratt would go for something a lot smaller and less deadly if he were going to have a pet dinosaur.

If you were to actually have a dinosaur of your own, which one would it be?
I’d probably want something that wouldn’t kill me. And it would have to be small. Maybe in “The Lost World,” those ones that are like little rats? The little tiny guys? One of those, maybe two. That’s what I’d want.

The only lingering question I had, which comes from the first movie, is why would you bring back raptors in the first place?
I was a collector of reptiles as a kid. I had frill-necked lizards, I had bearded dragons, I had iguanas, a savannah monitor, I had several snakes. I was big into it. All the way up until I was about 25 or something like that, I collected reptiles. And my favorite part was watching them eat. Whether they’re eating crickets or whether they’re eating mice or rats, I loved that. It satisfied this urge inside of me, the animal inside of me. I loved watching a lizard eat a mouse. It was thrilling. So that’s why they made raptors, because we want to see giant predators eat.

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Mustache acting is a very particular type of acting. How much does that alter your performance, having animpressive stache?
So much. Truly, really so much. Just like putting on a wardrobe or holding a prop or having the boots that you’re going to run in, when I look in the mirror and I’m seeing this guy with a mustache and a deeper tan than what I normally have, I’m just seeing a different person than who I am. It doesn’t necessarily inform me how I’m going to be in terms of my soul, but it’s a mask and it’s a costume. If you’re wearing a mask it’s much easier for you to lower your inhibitions and not care about how people are perceiving you because they’re not really looking at you.

On a similar level, your character is very cool, but how much of that do you think is just because of the motorcycle?
(laughs) The motorcycle gets all the credit. There’s certainly a part of that. It’s a nice motorcycle, it’s a really great motorcycle.

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