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Just don’t overdo it

True, it’s a new year, but that doesn’t mean that stack of work you left for after the holidays vanished. We asked a few experts for tricks for keeping your head above water when you feel swamped and preventing work from piling up in 2012.

Be realistic

Commit only to the things that you can realistically manage. “When we over-commit, we have a tendency to let team members and clients down,” says Michael Timmes, a human resources specialist at business consulting firm Insperity.

Organize the smart way

It’s crucial to stay organized, but take it one productive step further and incorporate personal deadlines into your short- and long-term projects. “Planning should take place on multiple levels daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually,” says Timmes. “With proper planning, we can focus our time on the important, non-urgent items and minimize the time spent in a crisis mode.”


It’s not easy admitting that you made a mistake or that you need help, but sometimes you need to do just that. “Being able to communicate with your managers and senior executives will improve your relationships at the workplace and overall decrease your stress level,” says Peter Handal, CEO of Dale Carnegie Training.

Limit distractions

“Turn the distracting dings, vibrates, buzzes and beeps off,” says Marsha Egan, author of Inbox Detox. “If possible, try checking your email and phone messages a limited amount of scheduled times per day.”

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