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Justin Bieber declares that he loves Selena Gomez to this very day

Welp, Justin Bieber might be retiring from music (please? please, God of Pop Music? I’ll be super good from here on out if you make this happen) but, if this video is any indication, he’s not retiring from love anytime soon.

Baby Biebs (he will always be Baby Biebs to me, I don’t care how many tattoos he inks on his scrawny arms and how many nightclubs he gets his tush kicked out of) dropped by LA hip-hop radio station Power 106 to promote… uh, something… and had all the grownups in the room oohing and ahhing over his declarations of eternal puppy love for ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The 19-year-old, wearing sunglasses inside because, maaaan, he shines so bright he gotta wear shades, pouted his way through an awkward interview in which the adults prodded him to admit that he loves Selena to this day and that they will be the “greatest of friends” one day. Uh huh.

LOL at the DJ joking that he wrote “All That Matters” while in prison and Justin Bieber laughing uncomfortably, probably because he doesn’t understand jokes.

Side note: Justin Bieber is not retiring. Justin Bieber is “retiring” after the same fashion that Jay Z has “retired” approximately a billion times. Read: he is stirring up controversy in order to sell his upcoming album, which, if recent Bieber efforts are any indication, will be a steaming pile of “young white boy desperately attempting manly soul” poop.

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