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Justin Bieber should have maybe held onto Dustin Folkes

Maybe Justin Bieber could’ve avoided all the trouble he’s currently in if he hadn’t fired his old security team, led by Dustin Folkes.

“Dustin’s company used to watch over Bieber’s house 24/7 in 12-hour shifts to make sure his idiot friends stayed in line and chaos did not ensue. Without security that actually cares about Bieber’s well-being, things are getting out of control at the house,” a source tells Radar Online. “Dustin got into an argument with Justin’s manager, Scooter, about trying to help with Justin’s behavior. Dustin and his company were let go from Justin’s security detail for trying to intervene.”

The new detail, the source adds, is much more “lax” about what goes on at the house, which was recently raided by police.

Dustin Folkes was apparently such a stand-up guy that he bought a bunch of Beliebers in Toronto hot chocolate when they were waiting to get a glimpse of their favorite singer. Awww. Check out that video now!

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