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Kat Von D’s Jesse James tattoo: Ink lasts longer than relationship

The disheartening process of de-tagging photos of your ex after a breakup will come as a challenge for Kat Von D. That’s because the tattoo artist-turned-reality-star has not one, but two tattoos of her ex’s faces, the most recent being an image of now ex-fiance Jesse James during his boyhood years.

Kat showed off the fresh ink in a romantic surprise for Jesse on her show LA Ink on TLC. He seemed flattered by the gesture, which is contrary to the kind of reaction we think most men would have upon their girlfriend revealing a gigantic tattooed image of his face on her ribcage. But hey, to each his own.

Apparently though, the tattoo will prove to last longer than the relationship; the two have already called off their engagement, in a reportedly rocky split.

Kat told TMZ she has no regrets about her ink saying, “I love my tattoo. It’s more than just a portrait, it has a lot of meaning.”

Kat says she also still has another ex’s face tattooed somewhere on her body, which raises the question: Has she really not picked up on the “Get a face tattoo, then break up” curse?

If Kat does ever decide to make revisions her newest tattoo, we suggest adding a fedora and a healthy handlebar mustache. That will show the fifth-grade Jesse James who’s boss.

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