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Kate Winslet is very easy to shop for

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Kate Winslet is turning 40 next week, and she’s only got one thing on her birthday present wish list — and it’s probably not what you’d think. “I’d quite like a pressure cooker. I want to start making bone broths,” she tells E! News. When asked by her “Steve Jobs” co-star Michael Fassbender what exactly a bone broth consists of, Winslet drops some culinary science:

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“Taking a whole bunch of bones and putting them in a pressure cooker with lots of chopped up leeks and onions and celery and all that stuff and you make this amazing restorative bone broth,” she explains. “You boil it up for like 12 hours and it cures you of all ailments.” All ailments!

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But, bad news for anyone hoping for an easy way to impress Winslet on her big day: Fassbender has already called dibs on getting her the pressure cooker.”Amazing,” he says. “I love this. I will get you the pressure cooker if you will cook me one of those bones broths.” Which is a conversation we all wish we were having with Fassbender.

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