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Katherine Waterston talks ‘Mid-90s,’ calls Jonah Hill a ‘brilliant director’

Katherine Waterston talks Mid-90s

Katherine Waterston has opened up about being directed by Jonah Hill in Mid-90s, the coming-of-age drama that marks the first time the Academy Award nominated actor has stepped behind the camera. 

We still don’t know too much about the film, except that it revolves around Sunny Suljic’s teenager Stevie, and his relationships with his school friends, older brother, played by Lucas Hedges, and his mother, portrayed by Waterston. 

Hill previously revealed that he was inspired by the likes of “Kids” and “This Is England” when writing “Mid-90s,” so I was eager to learn more about the film when I sat down with Katherine Waterston back in April at the Tribeca Film Festival. 

She was more than happy to provide it, too, as she immediately heaped praise on “Mid-90s” when I asked what its production was like. 

“Amazing. I haven’t seen the film. But it was an incredible experience. We shot that just before I went to do the second ‘Fantastic Beasts.’ We shot that last June or May or something.”

When I asked what Hill was like behind the camera, Waterston continued, “He is a brilliant director. The cast was incredible. Sunny Suljic plays my son, and he is one of the most extraordinary little creatures I have ever met. He is incredibly talented, very young and an amazing skateboarder and just a cool kid.”

Waterston also provided her own synopsis for the film, explaining, “It is about a skateboarding kid, there’s also the family story that’s very intense and painful and complicated. I play the mum. But she’s not a typical mom. Lucas Hedges is my other son.”

There was also a special connection that links “State Like Sleep,” which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and also stars Waterston, with “Mid-90s” as the cinematographer on both films was Christopher Blauvelt. 

In fact, when Waterston found out that Blauvelt was involved in “Mid-90s” she saw that as the ultimate sign that she should sign up. 

“It’s the same DP as this film,” Waterston revealed. “So when me and Jonah first spoke on the film, I told him, ‘I have this DP that you should work with. But it is probably too late’.” 

“And he said, ‘Just tell me anyway.’ When I said who it was he was like, ‘That’s my DP. He was the first person I hired for this project.’ I already wanted to work on the movie but that just confirmed it.”

Unfortunately we’re still not exactly sure when we’ll get to see what Hill has created with the film, as the release date for “Mid-90s” is yet to be revealed.