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Keep things playful in the Distillery District

Vibrant colour threads throughout the model suite at Gooderham Condominiums in the Distillery, proving that above all, living spaces deserve to be fun.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom model suite for Phase III brought to life by designer and architect Ava Janikowski plays with colour and mixed furniture elements to create a strikingly refreshing, unpretentious look.

“The idea was to make the space looked as lived-in as possible. It’s interesting in its imperfections and uses of different furniture and different colours. It’s supposed to be playful. We should not be afraid of colour because it brings so much joy to our lives,” Janikowski said.

Janikowski’s open-concept approach maximizes the 1,070 square-foot space with low backs on chairs and sofas and plenty of open shelves for displaying rather than hiding objects. With plenty of white and pastel tones, the space almost glows with possibility and positivity — exactly as Janikowski intended.

“It’s meant to be very New Age. The energy flows, it’s open and flexible and all about change. You can change the space and use it however you want. We have to encourage change and that’s what New Age is all about,” Janikowski said.

Creating excitement in the suite was a big goal for Janikowski, something she finds sorely lacking from typical model suite designs. Call her design Ikea-lite for grown-ups and enjoy the European-themed vibe.

“Many model suites are beige and boring and overly perfect, I try to bring in diverse objects and make them work together. It’s like being transported to Europe — when we evolve from Ikea it’s still good to embrace modernity,” Janikowski said.

The suite includes a table, chairs and a side table made from recycled wood from Quebec and a sleek couch and loveseat set whose simplicity does not sacrifice any comfort.

“The couch is very comfortable but it’s also very light. It’s not overstuffed like traditional comfy couches. It’s all about functionality but we should not be afraid to be playful,” Janikowski said.

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