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Keep your body hot as the weather cools

Staying in shape over the winter months can be a challenge. But maintaining an exercise routine should be a part of your lifestyle throughout the entire year.

Here are my top 10 tips for staying motivated as the mercury drops:

Get outside
Take advantage of the colder season by participating in activities you can only do this time of year, such as skiing, snowboarding or ice-skating.

Stay inside
If the weather is dreadful outside, stay motivated by introducing variety into your workouts. Try purchasing a new fitness toy, medicine ball, jump rope, exercise video or stability ball.

Drink more
When exercising in cold weather, it’s harder to gauge your fluid loss, but it is still easy to become dehydrated. Fluid replacement is essential, even in chilly weather. Water is best.

Plan for indoor fitness
Rain and snow are no excuse. Plan ahead by finding an indoor location before you need it. This is a great time to window shop with 5-10 laps of your local mall.

Train for the summer
If your favourite sport is golf or baseball, choose workouts that mimic motions used in these sports to keep those muscles strong, flexible and ready for spring.

Experiment with new and different indoor activities
Try yoga, aerobics, indoor rock climbing or spinning. The more you challenge your muscles, the better results you can gain.

Layer up but don’t overheat
Garments can be removed and replaced as needed. Keep dri-fit based layers close to the skin to absorb sweat, and wear a wind-protecting outer for maximum warmth.

Adapt your gear to indoor fitness
Changing workout conditions requires a change in your shoes and other equipment, too. Try a trail running shoe to keep you from slipping as you run.

Don’t forget your hat
A hat or toque can prevent as much as 50 per cent of total heat loss when you’re outside. Even better, look for one made with dri-fit material to absorb sweat.

Set a goal for the spring
Knowing you have a target to hit for the spring will keep you motivated throughout the winter. Sign up for a 10K or half-marathon.

With a few more months to go, don’t let winter get you down. Instead, embrace the chilly temps and keep moving the best you can. Your healthier body and happier mood will thank you – guaranteed.

Larry Track is a leading fitness trainer, owner of TRACK Fitness in Toronto, Ontario, and contributing expert. Find more healthy news at DailySqueeze.ca.

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