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Keep your cheeks off our seats, says Hubway

Keep your cheeks off our seats, says Hubway
Nicolaus Czarnecki Metro

“For the love of all that is decent,” pleaded a particularly passionate Hubway spokesperson, “please consider the other riders.”

The Boston bike-sharing service is urging discretion this weekend, when hundreds of cyclists plan do disrobe and pedal around Beantown in the nude as part of the annual Boston Naked Bike Ride, whose motto is “Bare as you Dare.”

“While there isn’t anything in the Hubway user agreement that explicitly prohibits riding naked,” spokesperson Benjy Kantor told the Boston Globe, “for safety and sanitary reasons we strongly encourage the wearing of clothing while riding.”

For the sixth year, a worldwide initiative that encourages the wearing of nothing will lead a swarm of cyclists Saturday night, beginning in Cambridge.

The World Naked Bike Ride’s goal is to spread awareness about bike safety, fossil fuel consumption and sharing the road – not, presumably, the sharing of germs with unsuspecting commuters.

“Wear underwear, they are public bikes, after all,” the group’s Boston affiliate said, also in a statement to the Globe.

But to be safe, if you’re planning on hitching a ride with Hubway on Sunday, you might want to pack some Purell. For the love of all that is sanitary.