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Kendall Jenner winning the Kardashian sports player dating war

Kendall Jenner at a Lakers game earlier this year.
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It seems like turn of the century stuff, but one of Kim Kardashian’s first high-profile boyfriends was NFL player Reggie Bush (for the record the ‘Bush and the Tush’ era lasted from 2007-10). That relationship was the first in a long line of Kardashian family – athlete pairings that kept the US Weekly and Sports Illustrated crowds on high alert together.

Here’s the quick list:Khloewas married to NBA player Lamar Odom, Kim was married to NBA player Kris Humphries, Khloedated former NBA player Rashad McCants,Kim dated NFL player Miles Austin, Khloe dated NFL player Derrick Ward, Khloe dated NBA player James Harden, Khloe dated MLB player Matt Kemp,and Khloe was linked to NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. this past spring.

Khloe and Kim are currently on a music kick (Khloe is dating rapper Trey Songz and Kim is famously married to Kanye West), but it shouldn’t be long before both return to their athlete roots. They should take a cue from their baby sister – Kendall Jenner.

Jenner and Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson have been dating for months now and they’re giving each other the space both need to survive in Hollywood as 20-somethings.

“It’s just a fun fling whenever’s convenient for her,” an US Weekly insider said. “It’s definitely not serious.”

TMZ begs to differ.

“Kendall Jenner and Jordan Clarkson were tied at the hip Sunday … first hanging at Kendall’s new Hollywood Hills pad and then making a run for the Bev Hills Hotel. They’ve been spotted together before, but it’s increasingly looking like Jordan, who just signed a mega-deal with the Lakers, will be spending a lot of time in the hills.”

That deal Clarkson just signed is a four-year, $50 million pact. Peanuts in the Jenner/Kardashian world. But it seems like the Jenner – Jordan pairing is not about money.

“[Clarkson] is super sweet and Kendall loves that,” a HollywoodLife.com source said in April. “He is a genuine nice guy and treats her like a person and not like a celebrity. He doesn’t care who her family is and they just have a good time together.”

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