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Ketman: A well-executed exit

If there is a distinct sound of Boston, Ketman have been the furthest thing from it. But in that achievement, they have also been one of the most distinct bands that Boston has had the privilege of calling its own for the past six years. Their sound has been a study in contrasts — spastic and sophisticated, retrofitted and vintage, aggressive and soothing. But the reason for these past tense descriptions is that after three EPs, two full-length albums, several West Coast tours, a handful of dates with musical heroes and even a tour of Brazil, Ketman are saying farewell.

“We had such a defined progression,” says guitarist and singer Eric Penna over beers at Charlies in Harvard Square. “It was just constant evolution forward. I think after we got back from Brazil and we fought a long time to get the last record done, the next step never really presented itself. And we didn’t really know what to do, and I just didn’t want to have a band that sat around a long time. It seemed like a natural ending point.”

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