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Key facts about archery at the Tokyo 2020 Games

(Reuters) – The 2020 Tokyo Olympics includes 33 sports. Archery is one of the modern Olympics’ oldest sports.

Here are some key facts about archery at the Olympics.

Introduced: Archery was first included in the 1900 Games, with a women’s event added in 1904, making it one of the earliest Olympic sports to have both male and female competitors.

Events: Archery is comprised of individual and team events. In addition, the Tokyo Games will feature the first-ever mixed team event, in which groups of men and women compete together.

Technique and scoring: Concentration is key in Olympic archery, as athletes must aim for targets 70 meters away in order to score points.

Competitors have 20 seconds to shoot an arrow towards the target. Hitting the innermost ring earns an archer 10 or nine points. The number of points earned per shot falls as the rings get further away from the center.

Pop culture bull’s eye: Archery enjoyed a rise in popularity in 2012, with the first ‘Hunger Games’ movie hitting theaters months ahead of the competition at the London Games.

The bow-and-arrow-wielding heroine prompted a new generation of archers, according to USA Archery who attributed increased youth participation in the sport to the film.

Top performers: South Korea has dominated the sport, with 39 Olympic medals and 23 golds. At the 2016 Games, South Korea’s athletes won gold in every single archery event.

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(Graphics: Archery – https://graphics.reuters.com/OLYMPICS-2020-ARCHERY/0100B5FB3NV/ARCHERY.jpg)

(Reporting by Amy Tennery; Editing by Ken Ferris)