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Killer needs adult sentence: Crown

A woman convicted of the brutal rape and murder of 13-year-old Nina Courtepatte should face the “highest penalty possible” in the criminal justice system, argued Crown prosecutor John Watson yesterday.

During closing arguments at a hearing to determine whether or not the woman, who was 17 at the time of the offence, should be sentenced as an adult, Watson rated the case a 10 out of 10 among horrific crimes.

The woman, who was convicted of kidnapping, sexual assault and manslaughter, would face three years if she is sentenced as a youth. If the woman is tried as an adult, however, she could face a lifetime sentence.

“Society is outraged by this crime,” said Watson. “Court must not ignore the crime’s heavy impact it has had on the community.”

Watson says the woman, who is now 21, chose to be an active part in a plan to murder the teenage girl after luring her from West Edmonton Mall to the golf course by making her believe it was a bush party.

Along with tricking Courtepatte, the woman was found as the first one in the small gang to attack the teen by hitting her in the back of the head with a wrench before holding her down while she was being raped.

Defence lawyer Colleen Connolly argued the young woman should only face a three-year sentence since she walked away before Courtepatte was sledgehammered to death and raped for a second time.

Connolly told court she walked away because she “felt sick.”

“She is not the same person as she was three years ago,” said Connolly who added that an adult sentence would hamper the woman’s rehabilitation.

A decision by Justice June Ross is expected today.


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