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Killer’s release ‘outrages’ cops

The impending release of a notorious cop-killer has “outraged” police officers across the province.

Albert Foulston was sentenced to manslaughter in 1990 in connection with the slaying of Const. Ezio Faraone. Foulston is scheduled for statutory release next month.

The Alberta Federation of Police Associations president Bob Walsh recently drafted a statement outlining the group’s opposition to Foulston’s release.

“This cold-blooded killer was on a previous statutory release when he participated in the shooting of this on-duty police officer…” the statement reads.

Walsh said the group believes “the risk of releasing this criminal outweighs any possible benefit” and is urging the parole board to re-evaluate the release and conditions.

Foulston has a criminal record with 50 previous convictions, and a track record including more than 100 incidents while incarcerated, including assaults on staff and intravenous drug use.

Parole records indicate he’s at a moderate-high risk to re-offend. National Parole Board spokesman Darren Caul said the classification was reached based on extensive psychological evaluation, though, legally, he can’t be detained any longer.

“He is not being released as a direct result of any decision by the National Parole Board … He is being released in accordance with law.”

Caul said the board has imposed strict release conditions. Walsh argues Foulston will be “let out with very minor conditions, some of which he has previously stated that he does not agree with.”

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