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King of the kernels for sale in Calgary

Corn lovers’ long wait is over — Taber corn has arrived at Kingsland Farmer’s Market after a three-week delay.

Picked fresh yesterday morning at around 5 a.m., farmer Garry Valgardson dropped the 5,000 dozen ears of corn off at the market around 11:30 a.m.

“People have been waiting for this corn for a while,” said Jim Pescott, operator of the Big Tomato vegetable stand.

“Taber corn in Alberta is a legend.”

Customer Fern Watson agrees. “It’s more of a guarantee. You’re pretty well guaranteed that you’re gonna have some good corn,” said Watson.

“The long hours of heat and sunshine just produce better corn.”

Though the heavy rains delayed the harvest, Valgardson, a farmer since 1975, declared the corn ready.

His certified corn is the first to hit the city, but like any legend, there may have been some knockoffs.

“There’s lots of talk out in the marketplace about that kind of thing,” said Pescott.

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