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KKK newspaper appears on Milford residents’ properties

KKK newspaper appears on Milford residents’ properties
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Some residents in Milford are getting a newspaper delivered to their homes for free – the KKK newspaper, The Crusader.

The Crusader, the Ku Klux Klan’s quarterly, has been appearing unsolicited on driveways, yards and porches in Milford for the past few weeks. Police Chief Thomas O’Loughlin even received one with the Arkansas return address of the Knights Party National Office.

“I threw it away,” he said, Milford Daily News reported.

“It’s in the late-night hours. They drive down the street and just toss them into driveways,” O’Loughlin said,Boston Globe reported. “They blanket a neighborhood, like three streets.”

O’Loughlin said the first incident occurred about four weeks ago and the latest unwanted delivery was over the weekend.

A Milford resident, who is a member of the LGBT community and requested anonymity, posted on Facebook that she found a copy of the paper in her driveway last week, Milford Daily News reported.

She initially thought her family was being targeted until she learned others on her street also received the newspaper, which calls itself “The Political Voice of White Christian America” and “The premier voice of the white resistance.”

The posted photos on Facebook that showed a front page article with the headline “R.I.P. White Christian America!” dated summer 2015. The paper also included the KKK’s views on policies, such as the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality which the paper calls “sodomite” marriage.”

Milford Daily News office received a paper last month with the front page article “Why (President-elected Donald) Trump is Speaking to the Choir.” The paper labeled the country’s direction “white genocide.”

Officials said they are unaware of any white supremacy groups in the area, Milford Daily News reported, but O’Loughlin called the newspaper “protected speech.”

Milford voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton 55 percent to The Crusader-endorsed Trump’s less than 40 percent, Milford Daily News reported.

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